Why I “Count it all Joy” Wednesday

I am filled with JOY because it is almost Friday, the first day of a three day weekend that I will be spending with my wonderful husband and kids!!
I am filled with JOY because we got Shane’s money situation figured out quickly.
I am filled with JOY because I got a new camera and the pictures are wonderful.  
I am filled with JOY because the pool will be opening this weekend!!  My favorite time of year, mom gets to lounge, read, and laugh at the kids, kids get to have a blast in the pool!!  It’s a great time!!
I am filled with JOY because I am a little more than 2 weeks into the 30-Day Shred, I’m doing level 3, it’s killing me, but I love it!!  I feel like I am starting to be able to tell too!!  Yippee!!
I am filled with JOY because I took the twins for their first visit with the allergy doctor and I love her.  She has a great take charge personality and is jumping right on a plan for them.  
I am filled with JOY because even though their allergies and asthma are considered pre-existing on our insurance and they say they won’t cover any of this, my God is way bigger than any insurance company and He has a plan for my boys.
I am filled with JOY because I have a wonderfully spontaneous husband who just came home and asked me if I wanted to go to Branson for the weekend.  Ozark Mountains - Here we come!!
I am filled with JOY because if you look hard enough you can find JOY in every situation!! 
I am filled with JOY because He has turned my mourning into JOYful dancing.  He has taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with JOY!!  Psalm 30:11
Why are you filled with JOY this week?
Counting it all Joy!!


Heart2Heart said...

This is a beautiful way to view every circumstance that happens in our days. If only we viewed them this way, how different we might be. I love this, simply contagious!

Love and Hugs ~~ Kat

Loren said...

I am filled with JOY because I am back reading your blog and catching up with all things Angel and Fam :)

wooohoo! Have a blast in Branson!

So glad everything worked out with Shanes situation!

Level 3!!! WOW I have missed alot! You go girly!

So happy you like the boys doctor!

YAY for the open swimming pool! :) Reading and lounging ~ doesn't get MUCH better than that!

I am filled with JOY for so many things this week!
God is sooo good! It.is.humbling!


Andrea said...

I am thankful for HIS presence!