One Blessed Lady!!

I realized after I posted last night that I forgot to post any pictures.  
My daughter, SIL, and little princess, Ella, came home Saturday from a long week of vacation.  Sounds like they had a really good time, and Ella was so excited to see us.  She made it through the glass doors and took off running for me.  Oh the JOY of being a Nanny!!

We took some pictures yesterday and wouldn’t you know it, they are all goofy.  I think someone is being silly in every picture, but that’s no surprise to me.  Ella was telling us what kind of face to make and boy did she ever make sure we were doing it right. 

Drew and Adam made the brownie pizza and boy was it good!!

I started the 30-Day Shred with my Shred Sisters this morning.  I was doing it several months ago but ran out of motivation, so now back at it with a group of my bloggy friends!  We are going to be Shredded in no time!!  Lucky you, I am sparing you... no pictures of that!!

I praise Jesus for the family I have.  I am amazed that He has given me these precious gifts to love and to be loved by.  

Counting it all Joy!!


Mari said...

It looks like you all know how to have fun - and eat good too!
Good luck with the shred!

Beth E. said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful day...I'm lovin' those pictures!

Mich said...

Love the family pictures... what a fun family.

As i told you before, I love the "Nanny" name, because my favorite person in the world was my Nanny. glad you baby girl has a nanny too.

Shred a few extra inches for me too, friend. i am cutting back and getting more active, but i would kill myself if i started off shredding at this point.

Happy monday!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Oh I can tell right now that our families would get along great! LOL!

And I'm so glad you are apart of our Shredding Team!!!


Loren said...

What great pics! Sooo glad your sweet Ella is home :) That desert looks DIVINE!!! I think I am going to go have myself some strawberries :) I had sushi for dinner so I think I can spare some calories !!

I am so sore! How are you? Isn't this the greatest! ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

What a cute family you have. So blessed. That brownie looks so yummy.

mariel said...

what a fun and beautiful family! sweet pics!! :) silly ones are always best!

RCUBEs said...

Nice shots! And what fun! That pizza looks so good because of the toppings! God bless.

Andrea said...

Brownie Pizza!!!! My two favorite things (but not my hips') combined into one! Wonderful! I am expecting the recipe to follow???? ;0) Although I don't think it look very Jillian approved...

Saleslady371 said...

Love the pics of your fun family! Oh, that brownie clever!