20 Years and Counting

Today I celebrate 20 years with the man of my dreams!!  
I woke up this morning to flowers in a beautiful China vase and a sweet little note telling me he loves me and asking me if I was ready to start the next 20 years.  
I thank the Lord everyday for hand picking him for me.
I look at our lives together all these years and am so thankful that He blessed me with -
Someone who would take his place as the spiritual leader of our family. 
Someone who would love Jesus more than he loves me.
Someone who would help me deal with and love me through pain and hurts from my past. 
Someone who would make me laugh on a daily basis.
Someone who would love me and hold my hand as we walk through the good times and the bad. 
Someone who would love our kids and by example teach them to be people of integrity.
Someone who would devote his life to providing for us so I could be a stay at home mom.
Someone who would live his life walking beside me every step of the way.
Someone who would be the best dad.
Someone who would be the best Papo.
Someone who would be MY best friend!!

Thank you Jesus for knowing what I need, even when I don’t!!  Thank you for Dan!!
Praying that you all are as filled with Joy as I am and that you all are walking out this life with the person of your dreams!!
Counting it all Joy!!


Loren said...

Oh this is sooo sweet Angel and your faces just beam! I can remember when you met him and KNEW HE was the ONE!! Isn't it just sooo humbling to think God made Dan JUST.FOR.YOU!

I am soooo very happy for you two! I pray you have a blessed anniversary and here is to the next 20+ years!!!

Love you

Mich said...


What a cute picture of a precious couple.

blessings and prayers as you start another twenty year journey together. It is hard to believe but i am going on seventeen years, myself. WOW! How the time flies by!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Awwww! I am so happy for you my friend. I hope you have a great time tonight on your date! Eat some chocolate for me!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. What a sweet man you have.
Have a beautiful day!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary and many more!

RCUBEs said...

Happy Anniversary sister! May God bless you both with many more years to come!

makeyourhomesing said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your lovely flowers and eat out and splurge (but not to much, lol!).

We just celebrated our 27th not to long ago, and it just keeps getting better!

~ Nan

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Happy Anniversary! Isn't it wonderful how God can pair us with the perfect person to share our life with? Love it! :)

Warren Baldwin said...

Neat post! Congratulations on 20 years, and what a wonderful testimony you have written. I hope your next 20 are even richer than the first.

I just received my copy of John and Stasi Eldredge's book "Love and War" - a book about marriage. They are great writers and I'm sure the book is going to be rich.

God bless,

Set Apart Living Mama said...

God has truly blessed you both!! Happy Anniversary!!! I can't wait till I have been with my husband 20 years! :)

Glenda @ Me and Mine in a Small Town

Steph T. said...