Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

We are heading to Branson for a quick weekend getaway with the kids, we are even taking Ella and boy is she ever excited!!  Hopefully, I will come back with lots of great pictures taken from my new camera!!
Praying and believing you all will have a safe and joy-filled holiday weekend.
Also wanted to mention to anyone who read my post from yesterday, my husband was asking about it today and got me wondering.  He thought the first paragraph sounded kind of abrupt for me with no lead in.  I thought this weird, so I looked at it again only to realize somehow the first paragraph didn't post, which isn't a huge deal, just weird for me.  So I will post it below if anyone wants to read it.
Counting it all Joy!!

We have a neighborhood pool behind our house that we enjoy every summer.  It has always been so wonderful, Memorial Day Weekend comes and the top has been removed from the pool, a little work has been done, and it is sparkling clean and oh so inviting.  This year, however, the top came off and the pool is disgusting.  It is green and filthy and has been for a while now.  I’m not too sure it will be opening on time, which will be so disappointing!!


Mich said...

Branson, huh? We will be there at the end of June. My parents only live about 30 minutes from there, so our family vacation will be spent in the area this year.

Have fun!

Loren said...

Have a wonderful time with your precious family and how exciting to take Ella!!

HA! That is so funny that first paragraph didn't post. That.is.Weird! But have to say....it makes more sense now that you shared it :) LOL

Have a blessed weekend. Praying traveling mercies! Soo wonderful hearing your voice !! I think we might come swim on Thursday if you are available. Jen will be watching Ry so I thought we could head that direction and spend the day with you ♥

Let me know k!!!
Love you

Kathy C. said...

Have a great time with your family this weekend!

Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to my blog to check it out. God bless, Lloyd

He & Me + 3 said...

Hope you have a great trip.

Have a beautiful Memorial Day!