The Cupcake SAGA - pt 4

If you are just stopping in and haven’t read the first parts of The Cupcake Saga, click part 1part 2, and part 3 .
Ok so we got up early the next morning, to Drew’s phone alarm and my phone still wasn’t working, UGH!!!  I googled to find an AT&T store and was thrilled to learn there was one pretty close.  We set off to get that fixed first and then we knew the days agenda would be some time at the beach, some time sightseeing, and definitely a cupcake, it had been almost 48 hours since our last one and we were on a mission to see how many cupcakes were as good as or better than mine.  I had a huge decision to make and lately I wasn’t making much progress.
We arrived at the AT&T store and immediately found out the problem was more than likely water damage and Apple Care or not, it wasn’t covered therefore, I would have to go to the Apple Store and replace it which would cost a little over $200.  Oh my, was I upset.  We got to the Apple Store they said was closest and they told us they didn’t have any appointments available so I would have to go to a different store or come back later in the week.  HELLO, not to be rude or anything, but we are miles from home, my grown kids aren’t with us and might need me, I really need to be able to read a blog or two when I get the chance, and  waiting that long really wasn’t going to work very well.  That being said, we made an appointment for the next closest store and headed out.  We grabbed lunch at a local hamburger joint that was right by the beach, they had a famous breakfast burrito that Drew decided to try even though it was lunch time.  It was incredible, at least 3 pounds of eggs, hashbrowns, sausage links, salsa, and I don’t even know what else, even though he’s a growin’ college kid, he couldn’t even finish it!!  
Again the restaurant was WAY dirtier than this, somewhat germaphobe, would like, but the food ended up being really good and I always pray really hard, LOL!!  
Again headed to the Apple Store and by this point I was feeling pretty guilty that it was the first full day in California and we were wasting WAY too much time dealing with my phone.  The JOY, I have a wonderful family who were extremely patient and continued to say, we have all week to play Mom, this is no big deal and we are seeing things we wouldn’t have seen while we drive from store to store!!!  They are wonderful!!
While wandering and waiting for the appointment, we drove down the Coast Highway - can you say AWESOME!!  God’s beauty as far as you can see!!  We drove through fancy areas and surfy areas, but all beautiful in its own way!!

Third store was a charm, to say the least!!  The girl who helped me explained that if she took the phone apart and two of the four water detectors were tripped she would have to charge me for a new phone.  She also said from the exterior it did appear that two of them were, again UGH!!!  I’m thinking, “I guess my souvenir will be a new phone”  I wasn’t too thrilled about this, I had only had this one since May.  We waited around while she checked it and I prayed, when she came back, she said, “there ARE two tripped but the ones inside aren’t and I am really supposed to charge you, but I’m not going to.”  I pretty much shouted Hallelujah right there in the middle of the store, she looked at me like I was a weirdo, and I got my new phone and left that store praising Jesus that even though we had to go to three cities and three different stores, His hand was so in it and I ended up with a HUGE blessing!!  Day three of our trip and so far, we had previously been given free cupcakes and a now free $200 phone!!  This was going to be a good day, I could tell!!
We headed straight for the beach, of course we were in our normal clothes, but we didn’t want to waste anymore time, so we were content just walking at the edge of the water and enjoying each other and the beauty of the Lord’s creation!!  We also love just watching people, you know the ones who obviously don’t do much but lay at the beach, the cute families who are probably vacationing, and the surfers are super cool.  

We loved this grandma in her Monster Truck Wheel Chair made especially for going to the beach.

After leaving the beach, we headed straight to the cupcake shop we had found previously that had been closed.  Today was Sunday and it was the middle of the day, they had to be open and surely they still had cupcakes.  Our luck hadn’t been good lately, but I was really believing for a cupcake.  A mad dash across town and YAY, they are open.  We entered and I thought it was so cute, all pink and little girlish, and the cupcakes looked really good too.  Everyone ordered their pick and we, as usual, grabbed forks and headed to the car to share all five.  
We were pretty excited to actually have cupcakes again and I had even heard of this place before, so I felt they had to be pretty good.  They were all decorated pretty which matters to me!!  I think everything tastes better if it is plated or decorated pretty, but I know I am weird like that, LOL!!  Here goes, a run down of my cheesy family and their cupcake of choices.
Dan with his piled high German Chocolate - he really liked it and over all I think it was the best one we tried from there.

Me - when I saw this cupcake, I really wanted to try it but the lady said it was called Chocolate Sin, I wasn’t too crazy about that, but then she said it was her favorite so I decided to forget about the name and just enjoy it!!!  I so should have gone with my first instinct - anything with SIN in it can’t be very good, it was extremely dry and the icing was hard!!  Oh well, I had four others to try!!

Drew picked Nana Nut - the cake part was really good, wasn’t too crazy about the cream cheese frosting with it though!!

Adam as usual picked Red Velvet, before it is over with, I think he will know who has the best Red Velvet in the country!!  He thought it tasted like chocolate cake with way too much food coloring in it!!  I love it when I hear technical things about baking from my guys!!  They listen well!!

Isaac picked Lemon Cream Pie and it was good!!  Filled with Lemon curd!!  He’s not much on chocolate, he almost always goes for the fruit!!

Over all, it was a good cupcake experience, and I was gaining some knowledge to help make that decision!!  Family vote was mine are way better than any we have tried so far, but they are my family so...
Okay, now Thai food for dinner, and swimming, for the boys, in the hotel pool, which was absolutely freezing.  Drew and I sat by a fire while Adam and Isaac swam in the so called “heated” pool, then to bed at a decent time.  We had a big day planned for tomorrow, a harbor excursion tour of the San Diego Bay, a couple of restaurants we had been told to try, and whatever cupcakes we chose.  There were several places I knew about and wanted to try, but I also knew we would have to pick, that’s always a challenge.
All in all it was a great day, good food at Angelo’s, an iphone blessing, fun people watching and walking on the beach, and end the day with more good food and a cupcake, now that’s my kind of day!!
So The Cupcake Saga continues...
How long has it been since your last cupcake???
Counting it all Joy!!


Mari said...

The beach pictures are beautiful and I love that wheelchair!
Can't wait to hear what happens next!

Mich said...

Can I just say your family makes me SMILE. Love the cupcake hunt. I am willing to bet yours are better too.

Happy weekend! Continue to have a fun trip!

Kathy C. said...

I'm so glad you finally got some cakes in hand...and mouth! Yes, they are your family, but that means they will be honest with you too...if they say yours are better, then I believe them!
You are making me crave cupcakes, lol...maybe I'll make some for Hubby's new shift...chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing are my FAVORITE! :) yum
Um, I do have one bit of confusion though...cold pool? Fireplace???? I thougth California was a hot place, and it's August!!! We are boiling down here in Florida!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh those cupcakes are so cute. They do look yummy. I haven't had a cupcake since May.
Love the beach wheel chair too.
PTL about your phone. That is awesome.

Saleslady371 said...

I can't remember so it's been too long since the last cupcake. This post is hilarious! I laughed so hard. Looking forward to the next with that neat family of yours!

Steph T. said...

beach pics are beautiful! Makes me want to go to the beach right now!! And the iphone...Oh girl God is soo good!! PTL!!!

I ate a cupcake yesterday....a little one. I'm telling you...I LOVE THEM!!

Beth E. said...

What fun! Your pics are beautiful...I love the ocean.

I'm so glad you got your phone for free, and also that the cupcake place was open. God handles every detail!

To answer your question...I can't remember the last time I had a cupcake. I'm not a big fan of icing. I can only take it in small doses. I know....*gasp*! ;-)

Michelle said...

What a lucky break with Apple! I know my hubby had to get a new blackberry this year, and luckily worked replaced it for him. Now to talk him into getting me one....

I love your cupcake saga. We just watched Master Chef this week and they had a cup cake competition. I have to admit that my favourite cupcake is from a 100 year old cake recipe so it is a rather dense cake, however, it has great memories of my Great Grandmother. Can't wait to hear about more of your saga.