Our Going Ons!!

My life has been a complete whirl wind since we got back home from vacation.  Every day, I think, “Today will be the day I blog about our trip and catch up with everyone.”  So far, as most of you know, it hasn’t happened.  We got in Wednesday evening and Drew had to start school back, at ORU, on Thursday morning.  I had two weeks worth of hugs to catch up on with Ella, school to prepare for since we needed to start this week, a MOUNTAIN of laundry, no food in the house, about 1700 pictures to upload and go through (which isn’t complete), beach withdrawals to deal with, also not complete, LOL, and exercising to catch up on, not even started yet!!  
We did start school yesterday!!  We had a great first day.  The boys are in 6th grade.  I can’t believe that.  No more elementary school for me, kind of sad, but we are on to bigger and better things.

Adam and Isaac being so studious!!  That lasted about long enough for me to take the picture, then back to our silly reality!!

We also celebrated Lindsey’s birthday!!  I can not believe my oldest baby is 26, WOW!!  Time flies.  I’ve been a mom a really long time.  I remember when the doctor handed her to me for the very first time, I was so excited, I already loved her so much, she completely stole my heart!!  You know looking back, I was so sure of myself but now I see how truly clueless I really was.  It is amazing what the Lord sees in you and knows you are capable of.  He gave me this amazing gift and then He began teaching ME!!    She has truly grown into a beautiful young lady, wife, and mom.  The JOY, not only is she my wonderful daughter, she is my friend!!
Since we started school and I also had Ella all day, she decided we would go to dinner, so Olive Garden was her pick.  It was yummy!  She even ordered dessert with a promise of a cake, from me, this weekend, which gives us all something yummy to look forward to!!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Why I Count it all Joy Wednesday!!  I hope you will all join me and spread some JOY!!  Just grab my button, make your JOY list, and come back and link up.  

Believing you will all have a fabulous day!!
Counting it all Joy!!


Sandy said...

Your family is beautiful.
I really miss those days
of home school. Enjoy
every minute.

Beth in NC said...

Sounds like you will be settling into a nice school routine now. :O) My daughter will be going to transition class this year because the Christian school she will be attending wants late summer bday babies to have another year to mature.

You do have lovely children!


Heart2Heart said...


Sounds like an exhausting week, just do a little bit at a time and before you know it, you'll be all caught up.

We start school in about 2 weeks but with temps sizzling hot here, we are looking at the beach this weekend. Before we know it one will be in the 6th grade as well and my oldest in her final year at high school. Fun times ahead.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Jules said...

Sometimes it takes a while to hit "normal" after a vacation.

Your daughter is the same age as our oldest daughter. It's hard to believe I've been a mom that long.

Loren said...

Beach withdrawals FOR SURE! I am having them too!!

I wondered if you had started school! Can't wait to hear all about it and how Drew's first weeks have been!

Happy Birthday to Lindsey :)

I haven't been exercising either AH YI YI! I will have to completely start the couch to 5k over! LOL and jillian...oh my ~ she is going to K.I.L.L. ME :)

One day at a time and you will be all caught up....laundry, grocery shopping, etc. and life will be back to a routine :)

Love you!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I know what you mean about life being a whirl wind! I haven't had enough time to visit my bloggy friends nearly as much as I want to!

Your studious boys are adorable!

Lindsey is so beautiful. Happy Birthday to her. What a blessing that you are friends as well as family! :)

The Real Me! said...

It's so hard to come off of a vacation high! LOL!
We started school today too. If I waited until I was "ready", we'd never start! Ha!
And your daughter is beautiful. I was completely clueless when I had my first, but like you said, God knew what I was capable of and I'm so glad He did!
Have a wonderful night my friend.

bp said...

I enjoyed reading your update. I have felt so busy lately with everything and missed going around reading blogs and writing mine. I figure things are slowing down now that we will be getting back into the routine of going to school next week.
Have a great week!