Sweet Tweet

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Gifts, just wanted to give you all an update!  
It’s a beautiful thing.  When I sit at my breakfast room table for breakfast or coffee, I can hear the sweet sounds.  When Ella is here, she will say, “Nanny, can you hear that?”  Sometimes the boys will be playing and stop to say, “Can you hear that?”  I look out the window, see the movement, and know our time with them is about over!!  Those sweet little babies are growing and are about to be set free into the bright blue sky.  Their mama and daddy have done a wonderful job taking care of them, but this season of their life is almost over and they will move on to the next season.  They just fill me with JOY.  

The nest isn’t nearly as pretty with all the poop on it, (YUCK) but we are still so fascinated by it all!!  Can you believe how much they have grown in a little under two weeks?  
They are all four in there, two on top and two on bottom, I just hope and pray they trade places some!!  I know the day is coming when we get up or go out to check on them and they will be gone, off to do what birds do and eventually build a nest and bless some special family with the experience we have been blessed with!!  
You would think as excited as I have been about these little guys that I had never experienced anything like it!!  It’s not that, it is just that I again stand in awe at all the wonderful examples of how awesome our God really is!!
Thank you Jesus for being so amazing and allowing us to experience all the JOYs of life and this world, big and small!!
Believing you all will have a fabulous day!!
Counting it all Joy!!


Loren said...

Oh my ...they are precious :)

I can just hear them now! So glad the Lord brought them to your house and gave you all this precious glimpse into HIS beautiful creation!

Kathy C. said...

Oh Angel, that IS a sweet blessing! I am always in awe at the little things that God allows for simple pleasure, the scent of flowers, colors of sunset, and the sweet blessing of new life. We have a bird box out back that we actually put a camera in one year and had the pleasure of watching from a tv in our house the whole process from nest building to life growing. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

That is a special treat to be sung to each morning. Their chirps probably brighten your morning. They are precious and how cool to watch them grow.