He Made It!!

On the day Dan arrives in China I always feel so much better!!  It is such a long flight and I am not used to not talking to him every couple of hours.  We have always been so blessed no matter where he has worked, we have been able to talk periodically throughout the day.  We are very spoiled and I love it.  I know God always has that plane in the palm of His hand, but I also know I feel way better when it is on the ground.  By the time he gets through customs and meets the driver that takes him the 4 hours to the city he stays in, it is about 5 or 6 in the morning here, its been about 22 hours since I talked to him, and I finally hear from him.  Huge Sigh!!!  Thank you Jesus for safe travels and Skype!!!

I just love this guy!!!

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know he made it there safely!!  Thank you all for your prayers!!  
I am super busy getting ready for a wedding I am catering next week, but I will be back tomorrow with Why I Count it All Joy Wednesday!!  Grab my button, make your JOY list, and come back and link up so everyone can find you!!

Praying you all have a very JOYful day!!
Counting it all Joy!!


He & Me + 3 said...

I am so glad that he made it safely. It is hard for us wives not to worry just a bit when our hubs are traveling.
You two are adorable in that picture.

Loren said...

YAY!! thank you Jesus!! So thankful for safe landing and now let the Favor and great finds begin!!!

Have fun and let us know if you want any help k

Love you

Mari said...

I know what you mean about knowing God is taking care of our loved ones, but it's always good to know they have safely arrived!. Glad you heard from him!

Beth E. said...

That's great news...thank you, Jesus! :-)

Andrea said...


Five Moms & A Blog said...

Glad to hear he made it! I always miss talking to my hubby when I want if he goes on a trip. But usually he's just gone for a day or two and not quite as far as China!

~ Nan