Fun, Food, and A Prayer Request!!

After a week of rain and storms, I decided since we couldn’t be outside swimming or riding our bikes or anything else, we would bring an outside activity in!!  So Friday evening I broke out my kitchen torch, marshmallows, graham crackers, and hershey bars, and we all gathered around the kitchen island and had Smores Night!!  Oh what fun and how YUMMY!!

Saturday we met our friends, Loren and Brian, for dinner/date night with our hubbies!!  We met at a wonderful little cafe in one of my favorite parts of town.  As usual when Loren and I are together, there was lots of laughter.  We all ordered our dinners and were completely surprised when Loren and I got our meals, they were HUGE.  We had both ordered a strip steak served over twice baked home fries, now these people mean business, we so should have SHARED!!  Dan and Brian, on the other hand, had normal sized meals, then helped us with ours, and we still both took some home!!

Loren and I being our goofy/cheesy selves with our MAN-sized meals!!!
Here we all are posing outside the restaurant!!!

After a great weekend of family and fun, we had to head to the airport Sunday for Dan to go to China, AGAIN!!  The kids came over in the morning for a while and brought our granddaughter to see him off.  Please keep him in your prayers today, he left Chicago about 10:30 this morning and his flight is about 15 hours long, so he will be in the air until sometime around 1:00 AM CST.  
"May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.” Matthew 31:49
Believing you all had a great weekend!!
Counting it all Joy!!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

YIKES on the size of your dinners. LOL! I"m glad you said your husbands helped out in eating them. Ha! Ha!

And you two paired up with Kathy and I would be dangerous indeed! LOL!

And 15 hours is a LONG time to be in the air. Praying for traveling mercies!

Loren said...

What fun we had!! I will be laughing for days to come :)

Can you imagine the 4 of us girls together??? dangerous INDEED KIM!!! ;)

Praying for all of you ~ traveling mercies and for you all while Dan is away!

Love you so much!

Mich said...

What fun! love all the pictures.

What a cool mom!

prayers for a safe trip.

thanks for the prayers sent my way.

Sandy said...

Enjoyed your pictures. I've been thinking about doing indoor s'mores for awhile now!

I am praying for Dan and for all of you. My son, Jase will be on his flight home tomorrow.

I like the scripture you posted at the end, too!

RCUBEs said...

That's awesome! You went out with sister Loren! Oh my! Those food looked good though despite the size.

Your joy shows in all of the pics. May God bless you and protect you all especially your DH as he travels.

Beth Herring said...

oh my - that was a lot of food! so glad you and loren had fun. you are both such great ladies and i hope to meet you both someday. really - i mean that! :)

praying for your husband and his trip.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Smores night inside... great idea! :)

It looks like you and Loren had so much fun together... love the big smiles!

Praying for Dan to have a safe trip to China.

Tea with Tiffany said...

We would make good goofy friends! :) Loved this post of family and friends and marshmallow fun.

Enjoy your summer.

God bless,


Steph T. said...

YUmmy! All that food makes me want to get a steak! Glad you had a great time with Loren..she is the best!
I will be praying for Dan. I can't imagine 15 hours on a plane...I hate to fly. But I know God holds that plane in His hands!
Have a great one!

He & Me + 3 said...

This post made me smile from the beginning. Love that you used a torch to have smores and that you got to hang out with Loren. You two are so blessed.