My Drewbie!!!

After months and months of excitement and waiting and planning the day was finally here.  The day I would go to the hospital, and after lots of pain and torture, they would lay that beautiful bundle of JOY in my arms and I would meet him for the first time.  I wouldn’t know, at that time, how he would change my world.  This tiny (well at 9 1/2 pounds he wasn’t so tiny) little guy looking up at me in such wonder.  His daddy leaning over us with tears running down his face.  Everyone gathered round to get a glimpse of him.  His big sister and big brother were so excited.  Lindsey felt she had a new baby doll, only he was real, and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on him.  The 6 year old momma in her kicked in!!  Shane, on the other hand, looked as if he had played a huge part in getting him here.  He was filled with such pride and admiration, it just beamed on his face.  He was 4 and with his puffed up chest, he made it clear that no one would mess with HIS baby brother.  Bonds were made that day, lifelong bonds.  God had given us just what we needed. 
I could go on and on and tell you his whole life story, all 19 years, but I won’t.  I will just say the Lord gave us a special gift that day.  Drew has always had such a sweet spirit, but he was always so shy and quiet, I was afraid he would be overlooked because he did nothing to draw attention to himself.  As he was growing up though we had strangers walk up to us and tell us “Your son really has a sweet spirit, the Lord has a special plan for his life.”  He was so little still, that seemed so strange to us, not that we didn’t agree, it just seemed odd coming from strangers who were barely around him.  Then I realized I had been thinking of the world not noticing him when all along he had been noticed, in a big way, by the ONE that really mattered!!
As the years have flown by, we have watched him become the man God intended him to be.  He has such a heart for God and for people.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord continues to do through him. 
Right now he attends Oral Roberts University, then he will go on to Culinary School after which he wants to minister to kids and families through food (more on that some other time).  The Lord is laying great things on his heart and I am so excited to get to be a part of it all!!

Proverbs 23:24-26 paraphrased for your life:
You are a righteous man and your dad has great JOY, you are wise and HE delights in you.  We are both so glad to have you, and I rejoice because of you!!  You have given your heart to the Lord and you ALWAYS strive to keep HIS ways.”
Happy 19th Birthday to my sweet son!!  You fill my life with JOY!!  I am so blessed that God chose ME out of every other woman in the world to be your MOM!!
Especially Counting it all Joy today!!


Mich said...

Have a wonderful time celebrating.

Happy Thursday, friend! May it be full of blessings!

Mari said...

What a special kid you were blessed with. Happy Birthday to Drew!

He & Me + 3 said...

Just Beautiful. He is so handsome. I hope that his birthday is a blessed one. Woo hoo on Culinary School. My brother loves to cook. He makes up some great recipes. Nothing cooler than a man that can cook.

Loren said...

Getting to know Drew more and more I see everything you are talking about! He truly has a gentle and kind Spirit that welcomes everyone in his presence and puts them at peace (a gift in itself!). Watching him with kids is simply precious! You have done an UH MA ZING job Angel. You and Dan!! With ALL of your kids!!

You truly are blessed!!

I pray Drew has a wonderful and very Happy Birthday!

I am soooo happy to know him and can't wait to see all that God has in store for him!!

Love you so much!

Steph T. said...

Happy bday Drew!! That is so awesome he wants to minister to kids thru food! Love that!!

Beth E. said...

Happy birthday to Drew! What a fine looking young man. Our youngest son is also 19. They truly grow up wayyy too fast, don't they?!