Why I “Count it all Joy” Wednesday

I am joyful because even though my son-in-law is losing his job.  God has a plan for their lives.
I am joyful because I got to really reconnect with an old friend this week, talking to her was great
I am joyful because I am going to get my hair done today
I am joyful because it’s beautiful outside and my flowers are blooming
I am joyful because God’s hand is on my husband as he travels to China
I am joyful because my blog friend, Lisa Smith and Loren’s http://themagoosnews.blogspot.com  friend, John Buck both got good reports from the doctor this week
I am joyful because I am getting so many new blog friends - you guys are great
I am joyful because Adam and Isaac got new allergy meds from the doctor and they are going to work great
I am joyful because my kids love to read the bible
I am joyful because joy is highly contagious
Believing everyone is having a blessed Wednesday
Counting it all Joy!!


Anonymous said...

Lots to be joyful about! I would think your kids loving to read the bible is high on your list.

Loren said...

What a joy filled list! I am ALWAYS joyful when I get my hair done too ;)
Nothing better than seeing our kids read the Word!!!

I will be sooooo joyful when we can get together!!!

Praying for your Honey and son-in-law! Knowing Gods hand is on each of them!!

Love you