Why I “Count it all Joy” Wednesday

I am joyful because my wonderful husband is coming home this weekend!  Boy have I missed him.  (Please keep him in your prayers will begin his long journey home tonight, in the middle of the night.)
I am joyful because I bought my “old fashioned” chairs for the front porch, put them together (didn’t want to wait on hubby to get home) and will be posting pictures of them soon.  Believing the Lord will continue to use these chairs, and other things, to remind me to be still and enjoy Him and the people I love.
I am joyful because when Shane, my son, leaves Friday for his Army training, he will be coming home soon.  There isn’t much better for a mom’s heart than seeing her son in uniform coming up the walk, safe and at home again.
I am joyful because I have won not one, but two contests this week, the charm I blogged about previously and a book from Kat at Heart 2 Heart.  How awesome is that!  
I am joyful because when I look out my front or back windows, I see the beautiful flowers that, I believe the Lord created just for my pleasure.  Thank you Jesus for the beauty of all your creations.
I am joyful because I am getting my herb garden planted.  We love growing and cooking with fresh herbs.  One of the many joys of summer.
I am joyful because Ella (granddaughter) who was born 3 1/2 years ago with so many heath issues has been completely HEALED and is a rambunctious little girl that I get the privilege of cuddling with on a daily basis.  Thank you Jesus for healing her precious little body.

I am joyful because the Lord is daily working on my heart and helping me deal with all the issues and emotions of losing my mom.  I still have days of weepiness and even anger, but they are getting easier to deal with.  Praise Jesus.
I am joyful because I have family and friends, old and new, who encourage me and love me on my good days and my bad, who lift me up to Jesus even when I don’t know I need it.  I pray that I am always the kind of friend who sees the hurts, the needs, and the joys and continues to love and lift all the days of my life.
I am joyful because I have Jesus, He loves me and cherishes me, He sees all the holes in my heart and life and heals them, He gently and sometimes not so gently points out my faults and helps me work on them, He had blessed me beyond imagination, He knows my path even though sometimes I don’t, and He is bringing so many wonderful bloggy friends into my life.  What more could a girl want!!
Have a very blessed and joyful Wednesday!!

Counting it all Joy!!


He & Me + 3 said...

Beautiful...you sure counted many blessings. I will pray that hubs makes it home safely. I love fresh herbs too and I hope to plant some in our little garden plot soon.

Mich said...

I love your list of beautiful "joys."

prayers and blessings

bp said...

I really enjoyed your list of joys, that is a great idea to write the reasons you are joyful. It's nice to meet you, you have a nice blog. I like to make new blog friends!!