What Did You Get?

Have you ever given a lot of thought to a gift for someone, you know, wanting to give that perfect gift, only to see it sit, or used in a way other than the intended?  Have you ever given a gift to one of your kids that they really wanted and after the excitement wore off, it just sat, not being used?  What about the gifts we were born with?  How are we using those?
I just love seeing the God given gifts in people.  Some people have gifts that are very obvious and some have very subtle gifts.  Both just as important as the other.  What a boring world we would live in if we all had the same gifts.  Some  people are servants, some are musicians, some have the knack for making anything pretty, and the list goes on and on.  The Lord is very creative when handing out gifts and for that I am thankful.  What I really love though is when the gifts are used in the way they were meant to be used when given, to glorify the Lord.  
My husband has a wonderful gift.  He is an artist, graphic designer by trade, but he paints beautifully.  For years though that gift sat dormant.  We were so busy doing life, raising kids, that he didn’t get many opportunities.  In the last 5 years or so, because of all our years in Children’s Ministry, he has been given the opportunity to design Children’s Ministry departments all over the country.  He has also painted a bit for us!!  

He painted the twins dream cars on their wall

This one he painted for me for our dining room wall

This is a children's ministry department in progress

This is a pre-school department in Shreveport, also in progress.  They did a Garden of Eden theme.

What’s your gift?  How are you using it?  These are questions I have been asking myself lately!!
Thank you Lord for all the wonderful gifts you give.  Help us all to see and appreciate the gifts in ourselves and each other, and to use them in the way you want them used.  May we always glorify you Lord!!
Counting it all Joy!!


Mari said...

He is soooo talented! It looks like he is using his talent well.

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow what an amazing talent your hubs has. I am in awe... send him my way I have a few things I would love painted:)
I can organize and I can sing (well...sort of)
I can teach as well. Some things I only use when begged or asked.

Heart2Heart said...

I am sitting here in complete awe of Dan's amazing talent. WOW God has blessed him in so many ways.

I love all of the painting and can't wait to see what the kids will think of the ministry room still in the works.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Warren Baldwin said...

Your husband is an amazing artist! Does he do this professionally or as a hobby?

Mich said...

What a beautiful gift. So glad he is using it for God. Beautiful artwork!

You are one blessed gal!

Hope you are having a great week!

Girly Muse said...

Thanks for coming over and saying hello! Loved your comments on AI. Too funny and SO true! :)

Your husband is an amazing artist!!! Your blog looks great. Can't wait to read more. God bless!

Lou said...

Wow. What a wonderful gift!
I love sitting back and admiring how different we all are, how God has given us each talents that make us unique and special. While we are just one in millions, there is no one else out there with the exact same attributes and talents. We are alike, yet different in so many ways. :)

Kristin said...

I just came over to visit from Mimi's blog. Your husband does have an amazing gift! Wow!!! That is awesome!