So Much to Do!!!

Oh my, what a weekend!!  I spent the early part of Friday running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to be organized for Saturday (I had a wedding to do) before Dan came home.  As you read, Friday afternoon I was buried in cupcake frosting, I was preparing for a big wedding I had to do Saturday.  At the last minute, I realized I had forgotten to order something and ran around and called every place I knew to call and couldn’t find what I had to have.  I came home very upset and decided to call one last place that isn’t usually very nice about things like this.  As I sat down, I said “Please Jesus, let this work out, I am out of options.”  And as you probably guessed, it did, which is wonderful, and He is always faithful, but I couldn’t believe I had, yet again, tried to handle this all on my own without relying on Jesus to help me.  I waited until I was out of options, ugh!!! 
We did get Dan back late Friday evening, he had been flying and in airports for 27 hours, but boy were we happy to get him!!  The boys and I took my granddaughter with us to pick him up and she was so excited.  She ran and hugged his legs as soon as she saw him.  Such love.  He did spread the love around, although I did have to mention on the way out of the airport, walking behind them holding hands, that before her, I was his favorite.  Oh well, not much better than Papo and his one and only granddaughter.
Saturday I had to do the cupcakes for a cupcake tower, for the wedding reception.  I am officially retired from that business, but still bake for friends and family, and after 228 cupcakes all baked, frosted and garnished, I remembered why I retired at the age of 44.  Since these were for friends, we also attended the reception and boy I was exhausted by the time we got home.  Poor Dan was so jet lagged, I was surprised he stayed awake.

(I didn't design the tower this time, just did the cupcakes.)

Sunday, we just enjoyed our kids!!  My favorite time.  We spent time in the word together and talking about what we are doing.  There’s nothing better than hearing your kids read the word and get excited about what it says or how they can apply it.
Oh, and we did get to spend a bit of time on the porch in my new chairs.  They make me smile!!  

To end the busy weekend, Shane came home from his Drill weekend!!  He did inform us that his deployment to Afghanistan has been moved up to March, stink!!  It’s so hard on a momma’s heart, but we know God has His hand on Shane no matter where he is and we also know we have almost a year to pray hard for our hearts to be aligned with His will in this.  

So much going on right now and so wonderful to see Jesus so clearly in our lives.  
Believing you all had a fabulous weekend!!
Counting it all Joy!!


Mari said...

I'm so glad Dan is home - love the picture of you tow on the porch.
Hooray for Shane coming home too. Our son is also in the Army and is in Colorado, but is supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan also. It was supposed to be about now, but has now been moved to next year. You know in the army, you never know till you get the papers!

Saleslady371 said...

Wow, you did have a busy and delicious weekend. Makes me want to steal a lick of your frosting (my favorite part.) I have such a sweet tooth, darn! A special thank you to Shane for serving our country.

Mich said...

Busy! Busy! Busy weekend...filled with hubby, the kids, cute new chairs and cupcakes, what could be better. :)

So glad you had a beautiful weekend, despite the busyness of it all.

Happy Monday!

Beth E. said...

What a weekend! I bet you don't want to look at another cupcake for a loooong time! They look delish, though.

I'm glad your hubby is back home, and that your family iw enjoying time together.

Your son looks very handsome in his uniform. :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

The cupcakes turned out so cute and I am so glad that Jesus answered your prayers and you were able to get that last minute thing. Glad that Dan made it home safely too.
Your chairs look great on the porch.
I come second to my kids now to my parents:) LOL

Heart2Heart said...

I am so glad that you have a breather in your very busy week and that Dan is home. Hopefully he isn't traveling any time in the future.

Loving all your cuppie cakes, they look so yummy!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Loren said...

Soo happy your honey made it home and WOW doesn't Shane look sooo handsome in his uniform! And well, those cupcakes look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! You did awesome!! But I know the very best part was sitting all together reading the Word!!

Your porch looks sooo pretty and those chairs :) YAY!!

Love you