Busy Week!!!

I guess after all the time that's gone by you would think I had decided not to blog. I have been giving it a lot of thought and after all the cupcake business I think I just needed some time off to collect my thoughts and pray about the direction of this blog. I always have so much in my heart and/or head but also think who in the world would want to read it.

This has been such a big week, Dan had a business trip to Orlando and returned on Monday, my birthday was Tuesday, Wednesday - Drew had some friends from ORU over and he made dinner, which is always a treat, and today we are leaving for Branson for a much needed time of relaxation and family time.

You know how sometimes you wake up and something weird crosses your mind before you are awake enough to know better? That happened to me this week. I woke up on Tuesday (my birthday) and immediately wondered what was wrong because my mom hadn't called me to wish me a happy birthday. She has called me, to be the first to tell me, before sun-up all of my adult life. You know it is one of those things that you love and at the same time you are thinking why on earth would you get up before the sun to call and wake me for that!!! Unfortunately reality set in quickly, mom went to be with Jesus last August and this is my first birthday without her. I miss my mom and it was definitely a sad start, but with my amazing husband and kids, the sadness ended there. I got my fingernails and toenails done, the boys cleaned the house, Dan and Drew made a wonderful dinner, grilled shrimp and chicken, grilled seasoned potato slices with goat cheese, sauteed corn and tomatoes, salad and a lemonberry granita to finish it all off. It was yummy!!!

I should wrap this up and finish getting ready for your trip!!! Next week I think I will feature my kiddos so everyone can see how truly blessed I am.

May all we say and do glorify Him!!!