Sun, Rain, and Snow, OH MY!!!

Our trip to Branson was exciting to say the least. We reconnected with some old friends on Thursday evening for a bit of fellowship. On Friday we invited their three girls to join us at Silver Dollar City and had a blast. The kids (and Dan) went from ride to ride, laughing and screaming!!! Me, on the other hand, not being much of a rider, sat in the beautiful sun and watched my family enjoy themselves and at the same time I enjoyed the sun!!! I think my body was in need of that. I was however, a little shocked to notice on the way out of the park that I had a sunburn!!! Come on summer!!

We had heard a nasty rumor that it was supposed to snow in Oklahoma on Saturday and we definitely love snow, but were really hoping it wouldn't. Unfortunately, we heard bright and early Saturday morning that it was icing at our house so we cut the trip short and headed home. The only part of the trip we didn't get in was the shopping : (, oh well. We left Branson in the rain, and 30 degrees colder than the day before had been. By the time we were to Joplin it was snowing hard. From there it went to severe street conditions, 25 miles an hour and car off the road everywhere. Needless to say we were praying, not only for the poor people in the ditch, but for our own safety. I will say it took a lot longer to get home than it did to get there. We safely arrived home to about 5 inches of snow on the ground. Oklahoma weather is amazing, 80 degrees one day and 30 degrees and snow the next.

I thank God for the weather, the changes, and for not letting life get too boring!!!

Counting it all joy!!!