Why I “Count it all Joy” Wednesday

Welcome to Why I Count It All Joy Wednesday!!
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I am filled with JOY because there is never a day when I don’t feel, hear, and see how much I am loved by my husband, kids, and granddaughter.  Thank you Jesus for such an awesome family!!
I am filled with JOY because today I am kicking off this new meme.  I have so enjoyed doing my Why I Count it all JOY Wednesday posts, I have been thrilled and so encouraged by all the comments I have gotten, and I am honored that so many of my bloggy friends have enjoyed it enough to want to join in!!  
I am filled with JOY because I have a wonderful new blog look, that I love, a new button for you all to sport, that I love, and an incredibly talented husband who did it all for me, THAT I LOVE!! 
I am filled with JOY because the twins were allergy tested last week.  It appears they are allergic to just about everything, but I know when we go to the Doctor tomorrow to get all the results and treatment plan, no matter what it is, my Jesus has a plan, He is in control, and there will not be anything presented that we can’t handle!!
I am filled with JOY because the African Missionary I mentioned in a past post will be here this weekend to stay with us for a while!!
I am filled with JOY because I spent the day with my wonderful friend Loren.  We met early for coffee, eventually had to order lunch, and before we knew it, had to leave before we needed to order dinner!!  
I am filled with JOY because it is summertime and we get to cook-out, go to the pool, go for long family bike rides, and take the time to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation more!!
I am filled with JOY because I have still been doing the 30-Day Shred with my Shred Sisters and I am starting to be able to see some muscle definition in my arms, which have always been kind of scrawny no matter how much I weigh.  Now I feel like I am going to be a Nanny with guns, LOL!!
I am filled with JOY because I believe JOY is contagious and if we all continually focus on the JOY in all situations, we can change the world one smile at a time!!
I am filled with JOY because my JESUS LOVES ME!!
Be JOYful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
What fills you with JOY?
Counting it all Joy!!


Loren said...

YAY :) I am sooooo full of joy too :) I said the same thing about our day! NO SURPRISE THERE HUH!!!

So excited for your Joy meme :) This is just so God isn't it :)

Trusting with you about the boys!

A nanny w/guns!!! You go girl!!


Jesus loves you and so do I!!!

Anonymous said...

Angel thanks for stopping in to look at my pics and I am so glad you and Loren got reconnected. I'll be following you around.

The Real Me! said...

Well first of all you KNOW I love your new look because I LOVE me some smiley faces. LOL!
I can't believe your husband did this. Only because I know MY husband couldn't do this but I don't know your husband so that's all I have to compare it too. LOL!
I'll have to see if I have enough things to have an actual post about Counting it all Joy today LOL!
It's been a LONG week already.
Big hugs to you girlie.

Steph T. said...

LOVE the new look too!! CUTE!! THanks for the new JOY day!! LOVE IT!! I copied it over to my blog! Love celebrating our JOYS together!!

Sandy said...

I am so frustrated right now, because I wrote a long JOYFUL post yesterday, and it saved a few times. This morning, I added one more scripture to it, and am trying to publish it and link up, and I have an error and don't know how to fix it!
Still counting it all Joy!
I guess I'm going to have to start my post all over!

Heather T. said...

I am filled with Joy because I found your Wednesday's meme, through Loren and I believe that you are so right in your last statements: Joy is contagious and Jesus loves me (too).

Blessings to you, sister.

Warren Baldwin said...

A very upbeat post, something we all need these days!

He & Me + 3 said...

Nanny with guns. You are killing me. I love it. Love the new look too. Super cute. So jealous that you and Loren get to hang...I need to be there too.

Sassy Granny ... said...

That's such a powerful scripture: "Count it all joy." No quibbling. No exceptions. No "but"s ...

That being the case, I simply must say I am amazed and filled to the gills with joy to have reached the age of 62 with the sturdy foundation God has put in place. It just doesn't get much better.


Saleslady371 said...

I really like your new blog look and your new meme. You are such a blessing and this ministry of joy will reach many; I just know it. You are right...Jesus loves us and that joy supercedes all other.

Thank you for your powerful prayers for me and my family. I can feel them and I hope you can feel mine for you!

Jennifer said...

The blog looks great! What a sweet husband you have to help you... I just love that! :) I enjoyed reading all your JOYS. So much to be joyful about! :)

Mich said...

Cute new look, friend. Love your Wednesday lists.