Why I “Count it all Joy” Wednesday

I am filled with JOY because I am a very loved and blessed wife, mom, and Nanny!!  I don’t think I could ask for much more!!
I am filled with JOY because we have a trail that runs through our neighborhood and the two neighborhoods connected to ours and since it’s been beautiful outside I was able to go on a long, evening bike ride with my hubby and kiddos.  
I am filled with JOY because we are starting allergy testing with Adam and Isaac Friday and I am believing we will figure out what their targets are and be able to deal with their asthma way better!!  Praise Jesus for being able to BREATHE!!
I am filled with JOY because we built our house 3 1/2 years ago and always knew we wanted to use our extra space to bless others and we are finally getting the opportunity to.  Next week we will have a Native African Children’s Missionary staying with us.  How exciting is that. 
I am filled with JOY because I joined a group of awesome ladies for the 30-Day Shred (we call ourselves the Shred Sisters, click here) and I am loving it.  My first 30 days are over and I have lost about 7 pounds and about 3 1/2 inches in my stomach (didn’t measure anywhere else)!!!  WOOHOO!!!
I am filled with JOY because my BFF from way back, Loren from The Magoos News, and her kids and grandbaby came to swim with us last week.  We really enjoyed them and look forward to many more days at the pool!!  You can thank me for no swimsuit shots, maybe after we are all shredded, LOL!!
I am filled with JOY because I am caught up on my book reviews (see my other blog, A Heart For Words) and was finally able to read Karen Kingsbury’s - Take Three, which was wonderful and it was just in time for Take Four, it comes out this month!!  YAY!! 
I am filled with JOY because yesterday I was having a really bad day emotionally so I called my sweet hubby in the middle of a busy day at work and he stopped everything and listened to me go on and on about lots of things, for a really long time.  He is so wonderful to me!!  Thank you Jesus for a husband who cares enough to listen to me ramble even 20 years later!!
I am filled with JOY because Shane is home from training and doesn’t leave for the next training until August!!  I know it is a long road and the end result will soon be Afghanistan, but I am sure going to be JOYful and enjoy him every chance I get until then.
I am filled with JOY because the love of Jesus is amazing and it surrounds me and my family in unbelievable ways!!
Why are you filled with JOY?
Counting it all JOY!!


Sassy Granny ... said...

I hardly know where to begin, but suffice it to say the list begins and ends with the Lord.

I love your list, and I share your many joys.


He & Me + 3 said...

What fun. I wish I lived closer to hang with you and Loren. How fun would that be? Wow good for you on the shred. When I shred I tend to eat more. :)
I just maintain.
What a sweet hubby you have.

Mich said...

Love your list of joys!

Happy Wednesday, friend!

Loren said...

I am thinking you need to make this a wednesday meme and add a linky for us to share in this joyfilled post of yours??????

We enjoyed the day so much and ya you may be able to share some pics but not this fat mama ;) Can't wait to do it again!

Soo sorry you had a bad day yesterday!

Praying for the boys allergy testing! Healing Lord Healing!

So love that DH of your yours! What a gift he is!

I sooo wish we were going to Karen's reunion as well. Drats! We would have had a blast!

I am just filled with JOY that the Lord has brought us back together!

Love you