Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend was busy getting some things taken care of before Dan was to leave for Atlanta (which he did this morning).  Some weren’t feeling too well on Saturday, so we didn’t do a whole lot.  Sunday we had all planned to go to the fair together, and we were excited about that.  We aren’t real big on rides at the fair, but we like some of the fair food, and we like to look at all the stuff in the buildings.  

I knew some of the Food Network Cake Challenge (one of my favorite shows) people were going to be there and I always go look at the cakes in the cake competition.  So fun to see all the new things people are doing and get new ideas.  They also have some fun vendors that we don’t usually have here in Tulsa.  Anyway, one of the guys who is on the challenge a lot and wins a lot was there!!  I was so excited when he was walking right towards me, and like a school girl, I stopped him for this picture!!!  Don’t think my kids were too crazy about it, but they have learned to smile and love me anyway!!  They are probably just glad I wasn’t taking pictures of them and cupcakes again!!

He’s not like my favorite cake person in the world, but he is really good and I wouldn’t be a bit sad to learn a few things from him!!  Here is some of his work (not his best in my opinion, but all I could find).

Please keep Dan in your prayers as he travels this week.  He will be home on Friday evening, he’ll be here a week, and then he leaves for China again!!
Also continue praying for my Aunt Vicki!!  She is really not doing well at all and they don’t expect her to last much longer!!  She is way too young to die (57), but we all know God has a plan and things will happen in His timing.  We just don’t want her to suffer any longer!!  She’s not happy about leaving her family, but she is definitely ready to be with Jesus in paradise!!
Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."  Luke 23:43
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Believing you are all having a fabulous, JOYfilled week!!

Counting it all JOY!!


Mich said...

prayers, friend.

have a beautiful week.

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Angel, I just love making life fun! Fair sounded fun! Those cakes were so pretty! I hopped over to check out the give-a-way stuff, its hard to say what I like, but I love all the home decor things! Thanks! I am a follower! Blessings for today!

Loren said...

How cool is that!!!!!! God KNEW your heart & brought him right to you :) ♥ I just LOVE it when the LORD does things like this :)

Praying for safe travel for Dan and restored health for all of you!

We are all going on Thursday to the fair! :) I CAN"T WAIT!!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

The fair sounds and *looks* like so much fun! Great photo! :)

Praying for safe travels and praying for your Aunt Vicki. So sorry to hear she isn't doing well.

Saleslady371 said...

Praying for Dan and your Aunt Vicie for healing!