It Turned Fall!!!

What a busy and fun weekend we had.  Friday I played some basketball with the boys.  There practices start this week so we headed out for some fun.  Isaac was really complaining about one of his feet and eventually the pain was so bad he was crying.  I called the doctor and Praise the Lord, they got us right in.  Apparently, he has a heel spur.  Very painful I guess.  They said there isn’t much they can do about it, just wear good supportive shoes, she actually recommended a pair of $100 basketball shoes.  I about fell over.  First of all he’s a twin, so we do everything twice, second of all, he won’t be able to wear them very long because he is at that age were his feet seem to grow a size a month.  So I am seriously believing for some real favor when I go B-ball shoe shopping!!  Please keep Isaac and his hurting heel in your prayers!!
Saturday - Dan and the boys made a bird feeder for our backyard.  It’s just a quickly thrown together feeder.  I actually assigned a bird project for school and that is part of it.  If it goes well, we will build a better one later!!  Unfortunately, the bird seed got spilled on the driveway, we swept up most of it, but I did scatter some that was left.  We haven’t seen any birds in the backyard at the feeder, but Lindsey came in yesterday afternoon and said, “you all have about 100 birds in your driveway, wonder why?”  I just laughed!!
We went to church Saturday night!!  I just love that!!  The message series “I Believe In You” has been awesome.  That’s just something we all need to hear and say!!
Last night I went to dinner with my cousins.  Our moms are all sisters, so we grew up together, but don’t get to spend a lot of time together now.  I lost my mom about a year ago, and now one of my aunts is about to go meet Jesus as well.  She has had cancer for several years.  It started out as breast cancer but has now spread and the doctor told them 2 weeks ago he didn’t think she would make it till her birthday, which is October 30th.  So very sad.  She is not even 60 yet.  Please keep her and my family in your prayers.

When I returned home from our dinner, my sweet hubby had build a fire in our “we live in a neighborhood with rules” fire pit.  Actually, our daughter and son-in-law just bought it for us, and we so love it.  Not much better in the Fall than sitting around a fire with family.  We sat out there and laughed and made s’mores and laughed some more.  What a great ending to a busy, Fall weekend!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Fall weekend too!!
Counting it all JOY!!


The Real Me! said...

I'm so sorry about your Aunt. That's sad news indeed.
And it seems like I'm constantly buying the boys more shoes because they grow so fast.
Love your little fire pit. But don't like "neighborhood rules". Yuck! But I guess if certain neighborhoods didn't have rules you'd end up living next to someone like us. LOL! Just kidding. We're not THAT bad.....

Have a fabulous day!

Andrea said...

We are finally getting some rain...and the temps are a little milder. Fall may actually be here.

Thena said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your Aunt.

Loren said...

I am believing for favor too! Poor thing! I haven't ever had one of those but I heard they hurt!!

Your firepit is awesome!! Such a nice gift!! :) I know you will have sooo many good times around it too!!!

Had such a wonderful time this morning/afternoon!
Wonder how much Fern got!?? Wasn't she precious!

Love you