Weekend Fun

Just a little neighborhood trick or treating!!  We’ve never really liked all the yuck of Halloween, and haven’t ever let our kids get into all that scary, creepy stuff, but we love dressing up in fun/funny costumes!!  We love our neighborhood, it’s like when we were kids!!  Everyone is out walking - parents and kids.  Neighbors strolling the streets together, talking.  A fun time of fellowship!!  And thankfully, we live in a neighborhood with people who, for the most part, aren't into all the yuck either.  Now to just stay out of the tons of candy we brought home!!
This year we had - 
Adam as a Caveman!!

Isaac as a Disco Dude!!
Our granddaughter, Ella, as a Ladybug!!

Believing you will all have a fabulous week!!
Counting it all JOY!!


Beth E. said...

What clever costumes! Disco Dude reminds me of some pics of my husband in his earlier years! lol

I'm glad you had fun - you are blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood!

Trick or treaters come into our neighborhood by the carloads from all over the county. Bill and I just went out to eat this year and skipped handing out candy...I guess you could say we treated ourselves! lol

Steph T. said...

Super cute costumes!!!! WE dont' get into the yucky costumes either...always fun!

Loren said...

Oh my goodness they look AWESOME :) What a fun night....now time to hide all the candy LOL Man, they get tons don't they! ah yi yi!

He & Me + 3 said...

Same here. Our kids love trick or treating with the neighbor kids & what's better than free candy? LOL Cute! Love all the costumes. The wigs are great!
Did you see that I posted about what I bought with the CSN gift card? It was in my 365 post.