Why I “Count it all Joy” Wednesday -

My Jesus loves me, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
My kids all love Jesus.
I have a wonderful husband who loves Jesus with all his heart, adores our kids (all five of them), is the best Papo in the world to our sweet little Ella, and spoils me every chance he gets.
I have 5 kids who love to sit on my lap.  You may think that is not a big deal, all kids love to sit on their moms laps, but three of my kids are 25, 23, and 18 : )
I live in a wonderful country where I can blog about Jesus any time I want.
I have been able to homeschool my kids, three down, two to go.
It’s almost Easter and my kids not only still love to dye eggs, but they also love to talk about and celebrate the true meaning of Easter.
I can still bake my gourmet cupcakes anytime I want, but never have to if I don’t.
It’s springtime, the days are longer, warmer, and I get to wear my flip flops.
I’m making wonderful new blogger friends.

Such a late post, I have had computer problems all day.  Several blogger friends mentioned they couldn’t post a comment either.  Sorry, I think I have it all fixed.

Counting it all Joy!!


Loren said...

Love you JOY LIST!!!! Your lap is sooo tiny and those kids are so grown up :) You are the best momma!! I am dying to have one of your cupcakes!!
HE IS RISEN my friend...Halleluah! He is ALIVE!!


Anonymous said...

P.T.L. Your comment area works!!

Have a great day, Ron